Advertising Copywriting:

Clever headlines, tag lines and paragraph text.

There are examples of our advertising copywriting style throughout this website:

Almost every page of this website displays advertising pieces with conceptual headlines, tag lines, and paragraph text that we created through researching the client's company, industry and competitors. We have written text for many different industries and for many different target audiences. Copywriting for the medical field, construction companies and the financial industry are just a few. Take the time to read some of the text we wrote. Because copywriting, what your message says and how it says it, is probably the most important element in any advertising promotional piece. 

Advertising Copywriting: Headlines & Main Visuals

Headlines are viewed first. So copywriting for headlines need to attract immediate attention. They are accompanied by an image that allows the viewer to "get it". Using a "play on words" or double meaning are most effective. This advertising copywriting is developed through research, brainstorming and multiple concept creation which is presented, revised then approved by the client to use on all of their advertising, so it has to be good.

Advertising Copywriting: Tag Lines for Logos

I'm sure you have noticed TV commercials that are not completely understood until the tag line is spoken at the very end of the spot. This strategy keeps your attention until the very end. When the tag line is spoken, it all comes together and you "get it". You can say that tag lines "send the message home", or act as an exclamation point. Just like headline copywriting, double meanings and plays on words are the way to go. Below are some examples of tag line copywriting that we have written.

Advertising Copywriting: Sentence-form text (Body Copy)

The more text that needs to be copy written, the more research needs to be done. In order to write about your company, products or services, we must learn about your company. The most amount of time and effort is usually put into sentence-form copywriting, especially if the copywriting is to be used on an SEO website. In this case, keyword-rich strategic text will be written. See Website SEO Copywriting for more on keyword-rich strategic text. If the advertising piece happens to be an ad, then we will have limited space to get our message across. 

The advertising copywriting style that we render both grabs the readers attention and accurately describes all of your company aspects. Contact us today to discuss how we can increase the quality of your company's image with professional conceptual advertising copywriting by Graphic Headquarters. We are one of the top advertising copywriting companies in Orlando, Boca and Nassau/Suffolk Long Island.