Sponsored advertising for internet search results is a must.
Google Adwords account set-up for even more search results and exposure.


A Google® Adwords campaign doesn't require a lot of creative or production work like a website or tv commercial does. It does require consistent attention, but Adwords is a form of advertising that is simply based on words. There are many important keyword that you need to be on page 1 of Google® for organically, but can't. This means your competitors are getting the clicks to their sites. What Adwords allows you to do is buy your way to the top of page one for the more competitive keyword phrases. Just make sure your website is top notch. You don't want to waste dollars on clicks and have your potential clients see a bad site.

Basic steps of setting up a Google® Adwords campaign:

Choose some keyword phrases.


There are thousands of combinations of words that pertain to your business. They will be chosen based on cost per click and the amount of monthly searches done for them.

Write some ads.


These ads are limited on the amount of letters you can use in the heading and description and therefor are strategically and carefully written.

Choose where you want your ads to show.


Select a radius of miles around a zip code or customize exactly where you want your ads to display.

View the results.


Log on and view how many times someone clicked through to your website, how many clicks each keyword phrase received and more.