What’s the difference between an Art Director and a Graphic Designer?


Like a skilled tradesman, the graphic designer takes provided text and images, and assembles it all.

Like an architect, the art director creates and decides what the text will say and what the images will be.


For small business owners, an art director is extremely valuable to have. An art director knows what creates attraction and will propose to you what you need, and not ask you what you want.

You can’t create a quality website design in an hour.


It should take a few hours just to write the text for your home page alone. And longer if you want to be found on search engines. What about images? Are you purchasing stock photos? Because you can’t steal images from the internet. 


Look professional, not home-made. Have an advertising art director / copywriter come up with ideas and write and design a website with you.

When you wrap a vehicle you pay for maximum square footage on expensive ink, vinyl & adhesive, plus a lot more labor.

You only have a few seconds to read moving graphics so your vehicle graphics needs to be clever & bold. This makes for better design at less square footage cost for printing.

When you decide to run an ad campaign, whether it be on  the internet, in print, on TV, or all three, it will no doubt be costly.

So if you’re going to spend in the first place, your message to your potentially million plus viewers needs to be top notch. What your message says and how it says it has a direct affect on the success of the campaign.


Ad campaigns are not signs. They can’t be priced by the square foot. If the people you hire do not educate you on what’s good, what’s not and why, you’ll be throwing your money out the window.

Do all of your website services or products pages show up on the internet? Or just your home page for a few keywords?

Do you even know? Have you ever seen a report? What are source codes, titles, descriptions, H1 tags, anchor text? You need to know what these terms mean. Do you know how Social Media now plays into your SEO?

Your product packaging design should shout loudly from the shelf and make your product irresistible to your target audience. 

First, it should be designed and assembled by hand as a comprehensive prototype. Then placed along side the competition to see how it looks. This will give you a good idea how it work against your competition.