Blasting 1 email ad design over and over is not going to work.

Email marketing ad campaigns keep viewers interested in your company.


Having an email ad "campaign" is the way to present your company in a much more professional manner. An email ad campaign is a series of ads. The first email ad introduces your company and touches on all of your products and services. The following email ads feature one product or service. They are designed with the same look but have a different headline and main visual. This keeps them looking at something new and fresh which develops brand identity and at-a-glance recognition. Now, when they open your email ad, they will notice the same style and know it's you, but have something new and interesting to look at and read. Depending on how many products or services your company offers will usually dictate how many email ads should make up the running campaign.

See sample of email ad campaign below:

Email ad lists.

We can use your existing email list or have a custom list created for you. They are based on the type of industry or the specific areas that you need to target. We can even send them out for you at specific times or days and send you reports on who opened them, when and how many times.


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