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For Any Size Light Box Cabinet, Call The Top Sign Shop Designer In Orlando.

LED Light Box Storefront Signs Are Versatile.

These custom light box signs can be fabricated to almost any size. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Cabinets can be affixed to the front of a building, a wall or mounted on top of a pole. And when it comes to design options, the possibilities are endless because any type of artwork or photos can be printed on them.


Lightbox cabinet signs allow images to shine bright through the acrylic face. Bright graphics can be seen easily from afar which makes your brand stand out, especially if it is designed by Graphic Headquarters. Any decent sign shop in Orlando can build a lightbox sign cabinet, but not many can design the faces of them like we can. As you can see by the look of these layouts, we are one of the top light box sign designers in Orlando. Get yours today and easily stand out amongst a sea of the inferior surrounding signs in your area.

The Exterior Of Lightbox Cabinet Storefront Signs.


The exterior of lightbox sign cabinets are fabricated using corrosion resistant sheet metal so they are ideal for use as an outdoor display. They are custom built to size depending on the outdoor coverage allowed by your specific town or by the amount of interior space that you have to work with. The face of the lightbox is made of translucent acrylic so that light can shine through both the face and the graphics. The acrylic face of the lightbox sign cabinet is secured with fasteners and can easily be changed if needed.

The Interior Of Lightbox Storefront Cabinet Signs.

The interior of lightbox sign cabinets used to contain a few rows of fluorescent bulbs. Today's lightbox sign cabinets feature multiple rows of cross-hatched LED bulbs. LED bulbs provide a lot more benefits than fluorescent bulbs did. LED bulbs are 50% more energy efficient, operate at lower temperatures, have a longer life span and most importantly cast a much more consistent and even tone though the face and graphics which means no dark or light spots. Get a lightbox sign cabinet designed by Graphic Headquarters and shine brighter than your competition.

Lightbox Sign Cabinets Designed And Printed By Graphic Headquarters Just Are All Around Better.
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