Mobile website design and reformatting.

75% of internet searches are now being performed on mobile phones.


Having a vertical mobile version of your website is now more important that ever to promote your company. The widespread use of mobile phones now used to navigate the internet has greatly impacted the way we research and shop for products and services companies just like yours.


Smartphones are the smallest of any internet accessible device. Their limited viewing area doesn't allow for websites to be viewed how they were intended to. Websites were designed to be viewed on desktops, laptops or larger tablets. When viewing a desktop website on a smartphone, you must pinch it up and scroll back and forth to click on the buttons or read the content.

Horizontal desktop website design displayed on mobile phone.

Website redesigned in vertical format with larger and more legible text and images.

Mobile Websites: Content Creation (Concepts, Copywriting, Image Choosing, Layout Design & Production by

All websites designed horizontally or square must be reformatted to a vertical and much simpler style for smartphone compatibility.


Each page of your existing website must be redesigned in a long vertical format. All page layouts need to be revised with larger stacked buttons and larger and more legible text. This is also a good time to add additional pages or delete content that is now outdated. Graphic Headquarters designs, presents, revises and has you approve all layouts before building, programming, uploading and testing.


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