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Article Writing For SEO Backlinks Helps With Your Search Engine Ranking.

Everything discussed on the previous page, SEO Writing, pertains to content on the website itself. SEO article writing and submission pertains to SEO work performed off of the site, on a 3rd party website. But it's not just an article. It's a body of work that is written with the same strategy that your website titles, descriptions, headings and body copy is ...with the right keywords in mind.

Some Of The Websites That We've Submitted SEO Articles To For Backlinks And Exposure.


The bulk of the work is of course writing the article itself. But accounts need to be established with all of the various article submission websites. This includes creating profiles, uploading images to the correct sizes, writing bios and getting approval. It's a lot of work, so it is not something that is recommended to do on your own or have a novice attempt to do.

Types Of Articles That Should Be Written And Submitted For SEO

The first article that should be written for submission should be about your main product or service. The same keywords used on your website pertaining to this product or service should be worked into the title, headings, subheads and body text. Different aspects of that main product or service should also be written about. How well it works, how well it's priced, how many people like it and more. Actually, every aspect of your business need to have an article written and submitted. But we need to start somewhere.

We Have Many Services So We'll Be Writing And Submitting Articles For SEO Forever.


There's no end to the amount of articles that can be written about your company, it's products or services or the industry that you are in. A flat rate per account set-up and article writing and submission is suggested over a monthly contract. This always works better for the client. Call today and start getting your website ranked even higher with well written articles and submission services.

The Style Of Articles We Write For SEO 

Below is an article we wrote that discusses SEO. It has a concept behind it and a comparison so that the reader can better understand it all. It is written by an advertising copywriter and you can tell.

Strategic Website SEO Copywriting Is Like A Baseball Team

All The Players On Your Website SEO Team Are Important

You can't play baseball against stiff competition with 8 players.

You need all 9 players. And the same is true for a successfully written SEO website. The two most important players on a baseball team are the pitcher and the catcher. They need to work together and be accurate. On your SEO team, the pitcher and the catcher are your title and description. They need to give you the most that you can get out of them so writing them correctly and with the proper number of characters are key.


Next up to bat are your position players which consist of your infield and outfield.

H1 through H6 tags, also know as headlines also have to be written strategically to get the most out of them. Using different keywords that give you the most possible combinations, but written in sentence form, and again, in the right number of characters is the challenge.

Ad another challenging layer to your headings/headlines by being creative and clever when possible.

Plays on words and double meanings are what ad agency creatives work so hard on to write because they attract the most attention. Accompanied by an interesting and well retouched images are a powerful combination. You can be on page 1 of search engine results for all of your keywords, but if your site is not written well or not well designed, your chances of holding the viewers attention will be diminished drastically. So everything needs to work together, like a baseball team.

In the bull pen are SEO players that are not starters but important and greatly contribute to your SEO team.

The bull pen is your paragraph text that pertains to the headings/headlines. Enough SEO sentence form/paragraph text with the right amount of keyword density needs to be written. SEO text is where you can write all of the details about that particular heading subject.

Let's not forget the coaches and the managers which we'll call anchor text and image naming.

Anchor text or clickable text or internal links are keyword phrases throughout your SEO website that simply take you to another page within your site, just like web button navigation does. Search engines recognize this clickable text as important and will look at it as a ranking factor. All of your images should be named with keywords that pertain to that image. If you're selling a baseball glove than that's what it should be named. This is also done because some may click on images and see the baseball glove you are selling, click on it and go to your site through that route.


Your SEO baseball team has now been developed but your not ready for the playoffs.

All of this SEO work not only has to be performed on the home page but on all of the pages. Each product or service page brings along different keywords with it. So don't stop now.


When all of your website pages have been optimized, your SEO team is ready to play in the big leagues.

Run your newly written and designed SEO website through a free tester or checker. This will help you fine tune it all even further. Because even though you're a pro, there is always room for improvement. Good luck this season and in your career. If done correctly, your SEO team should be in 1st place in your standings. But winning the World Series is a whole other ball game.

Written by John Calvaruso Creative Director / Copywriter

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