Social Media Marketing is for the serious and smart business owner.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

When performed correctly, Social Media Marketing (SMM) allows you to reach more of your target audience while boosting you SEO at the same time. But an SMM campaign can only be successful when carefully planned out. Research, strategy, creativity and lots of knowledge is key. 


Social Media Creativity

The creative challenge hasn’t changed. Concepts and content quality is king and no one brainstorms and produces more clever and intriguing headlines and visuals than Graphic Headquarters.

Some of the Social Media Ads we've designed for our company:

Social Media Strategy

We analyze your current campaign if you have one and your competitors. This gives us an idea of who and what we are up against so that we can out do them creative wise and in performance. A plan will be designed and tweaked till approved. Multiple concept boards will be created and discussed, a long list of topics topics to post about will be created. All of the text we write will link back to your site which is goal ...create awareness and drive traffic to your site.


Social Media Channels

There are many social media sites or “channels” that your campaign can  run on. The top are Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and YouTube. Each has its’s own pluses and minuses depending on what type of industry you are in. Each of them also suggests a certain amount of posting frequency that should be performed.


SMM is not an easy task, but we have the skill and knowledge to create it correctly through creativity, organization and communication that targets the proper audience.

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