Our vehicle graphics are designed better and printed cheaper.

How we save our clients so much on van & truck graphics wraps.  

We never suggesting designing and printing a full wrap on any type of van, truck or SUV. It is our job to look out for your pocket and suggest the best way to keep your vehicle graphics bold but keep the cost down. A full wrap on a truck or van only runs up your budget. The vinyl, glue and ink used to print vehicle graphics are expensive. And the hourly rate in labor to heat, mold and trim the vinyl around all of the corners of the vehicle can run up fast. Instead, we keep the design of your van or truck graphics bold, clean and easy to read, and easy on your wallet.

Because of the stress on the vinyl, wraps can also crack and peel. This cannot be repaired. But our vehicle graphics can easily be removed and replaced if damaged.

Working on photography & retouching for large format vehicle graphics.

Not everyone can create quality vehicle graphics wraps. Printing jobs, especially large format design and printing jobs like a van or box truck graphics, are the most challenging. The quality of the original photos have to be good, the resolution has to be high, and the size has to be correct. Even though most will see your vehicle graphics from afar, many will see it close up as well, so they should be sharp and interesting to look at.

Every photo needs retouching. With the case of the safe image below, it was moved and photographed in many different positions. The face of the safe was most important and photographed on an angle that didn't have too many bad reflections. The right of the safe had serious reflection issues, so it was easier to totally recreated it. Also, the shape of the safe was retouched to be straight and the overall color was corrected. The result was a piece of art that was now worthy of being printed and installed.



Text design for vehicle graphics & wraps.

Now that we have images photographed and retouched, we can start on the text. The choice of fonts, the color of them, the size, the spacing between the lines, even the spacing between the letters themselves are all important. But nothing's more important that the placement of the text, especially on van and truck graphics. All important elements like logos, phone numbers, website addresses and bullet points are always placed carefully in a vehicle graphics layout design.

Van and truck makes and models are all different. None are a flat blank canvas. They have gas caps, door handles, emblems, and other areas that text or images can't be placed over. We are pros at text design. All text will be positioned in the right place. Individual letters will never be cut in half. Phone numbers and website addresses will always be visible when parked or in traffic. Even letter spacing will be adjusted to look perfect.

Vehicle Graphics Wraps Printing & Installation.

One the vehicle graphics layouts are approved, we will prepare them for printing. This means creating print ready files to size. Since these are large format, they take time to create. All images, text and placement need to be exact. In vehicle graphics printing, you have one chance to get it right so double and triple checking files is normal. We have been print production pros for many years, so we make a lot of meticulous work seem easy. Once the files are printed, we can schedule installation ...at your location. Yes, we come to you. This avoids you having trucks and vans tied up for days at a shop.

Warning: Do not let a sign shop design your vehicle graphics!

Most companies that provide design services, printing and installation for vehicle graphics wraps may print and install well but when it comes to design and production, they lack many skills. We've seen $5000 wraps that are totally illegible. Busy background that take away from the logo and contact info. Logos that are cut in half between 2 doors. Graphic images that are so low in resolution, that they are pixelated. Websites placed at the bottom of the vehicle where it won't be seen in traffic. Too many different fonts in too many colors with too many beveled edges and shadows. When your vehicles are on the road, the public only has a few seconds to read it. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and presentation. Graphic Headquarters is one of the top vehicle graphics wrap designers and printers for vans & trucks in Orlando, Boca Raton,  Nassau/Suffolk Long Island.