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Custom designed vinyl graphic wraps that meet your budget and are installed at your location.  


Tell us what your budget is and we'll show you how much vinyl graphics coverage you can get for that price. We keep the design of your van or truck graphics bold, clean, easy to read, and easy on your wallet. It's is our job to look out for your pocket and suggest the best design that makes the graphics on your van, truck or fleets big enough to be read, and keeps the cost down.

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Working on photography & retouching for large format vinyl vehicle graphic wraps.

Not everyone can create quality vinyl vehicle graphics wraps. Printing jobs, especially large format design and printing jobs like a van or box truck graphics, are the most challenging. The quality of the original photos have to be good, the resolution has to be high, and the size has to be correct. Even though most will see your vinyl vehicle graphics from afar, many will see it close up as well, so they should be sharp and interesting to look at.


Vinyl Graphics And Wraps


vehicle graphics wraps retouching orlando 2

Every photo needs retouching, especially when used for vinyl vehicle graphics wraps. With the case of the safe image below, it was moved and photographed in many different positions. The face of the safe was most important and photographed on an angle that didn't have too many bad reflections. The right of the safe had serious reflection issues, so it was easier to totally recreated it. Also, the shape of the safe was retouched to be straight and the overall color was corrected. The result was a piece of art that was now worthy of being printed large and installed on a vehicle.

Text design for vinyl graphics & wraps vans tucks and fleets.

Now that we have images photographed and retouched, we can start on the text. The choice of fonts, the color of them, the size, the spacing between the lines, and even the spacing between the letters themselves are all important. But nothing's more important that the placement of the text. All important elements like logos, phone numbers, web addresses and bullet point text are always positioned carefully because legibility, especially from a distance is important.

Text Vinyl Graphics And Wraps
Bold Vinyl Graphics And Wraps

Van and truck makes and models are all different. None are a flat blank canvas. They have gas caps, door handles, emblems, and other areas that text or images can't be placed over. We are pros at text design, especially when it comes to vinyl vehicle graphics wraps. All text will be positioned in the right place. Individual letters will never be cut in half. Phone numbers and website addresses will always be visible when parked or in traffic. Even letter spacing will be adjusted to look perfect.

On-Site Installation For Vinyl Graphics Vehicle Wraps On Vans, Trucks And Fleets.

Once the vinyl vehicle graphics layouts are approved, we will prepare them for printing. This means creating print ready files to actual size. Since these are large format, they take time to create. All images, text and placement need to be exact. In vinyl vehicle graphics printing, you have one chance to get it right so double and triple checking files is normal. We have been print production pros for many years, so we make a lot of meticulous work seem easy. Once the files are printed, we can schedule installation your location. Yes, we come to you. This avoids you having truck, van or fleet tied up for days at a shop.

Vinyl Graphics And Wraps Installation
Warning: Do not let a sign shop design your vinyl vehicle graphics wraps.

Most companies like sign shops that design, print and install vinyl vehicle graphics wraps may print and install well but when it comes to design and production, lack many skills. We've seen $5000 vinyl wraps that are totally illegible. Busy background that take away from the logo and contact info. Logos that are cut in half between 2 doors. Graphic images that are so low in resolution that they are pixelated. Websites placed at the bottom of the vehicle where it won't be seen in traffic. Too many different fonts in too many colors with too many beveled edges and shadows. When your vehicles are on the road, the public only has a few seconds to read it. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and presentation. Graphic Headquarters is one of the top vinyl vehicle graphics wrap designers and printing companies for single vans, trucks or fleets in Orlando & Nassau/Suffolk Long Island.

Full Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Graphics

If you have the time and the budget then a full vehicle graphic wrap is for you. We usually don’t recommend full vehicle wraps because they will run up the budget considerably. It’s our job to look out for your pocket and give you a clean and bold design for the best price so that you get the most bang for your buck. But keep in mind that design and production time will take much longer. Adhesive and ink is expensive. And installation will take at least twice as long because heating and molding the vinyl around all of the corners, door jams, wheel wells and windows takes time. Market price for a full wrap can be anywhere between $3000 and $6000 per wrap, depending on the size of your vehicle and how many are in your fleet.


Partial Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Graphics

This is the preferred vinyl vehicle graphics coverage choice for most. A mix of cut-out lettering and an image or two will turn your vehicle into a bold mobile billboard. One that will attract attention quickly and can be read easily …in the 2 or 3 seconds that someone has to comprehend it while driving on the road. Partial vehicle wraps, in our eyes are the way to go. They are cost effective, don’t take up too much square footage and easy to install on your property, or even at a job site.


Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

A nice logo with a solid tagline, and some contact information can be also very effective graphics an a van or fleet of trucks. Yes, adding an image always makes it more attractive, but when designed correctly, vehicle lettering can be attractive as well. 


No matter how much coverage, full vinyl wrap, partial or just lettering, Graphic Headquarters is the right choice because all of the vehicle graphics we design are both Madison Ave quality and within your budget. We guarantee that you’ll get noticed more often and even complimented on it. And with notoriety comes new customers, which is always the goal.


Where does the content for large format vinyl vehicle graphics printing come from?

You can’t steal images to use on your vinyl graphics from the internet. Thats copyright infringement and if the author of the image sees your vinyl van graphics printed wrap on the road or on the internet with his image on it then you’ll be sued because you’re making potential money using his image. That could cost you $5000 or more, depending on whether or not is was a registered copyrighted image. Plus, images on the internet are always too small to enlarge and print on a vehicle. The quality would be pixelated and you wouldn’t be happy with the result. The larger the image, the better quality it needs to be. Many will see your printed vinyl van or truck graphics from afar but many will see it up close too, so high resolution retouched images is the only way to go. Some vinyl vehicle graphics wrap layouts may use stock photos for concept usage, but if you want to show your actual products then shooting original photography is the only way.


We create original high resolution photography fast. We shoot your products from different angles in different positions and then choose which one works best for the layout that we are creating. Once an image has been chosen, it will be quickly retouched. Retouching for vinyl vehicle graphics may include silhouetting (extracting image from it’s background), air brushing a shadow under it, color balancing it, or touching up hot spots. We can work quickly because we have been designing, printing and installing vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps for many years.


You can’t use your own images on your vinyl vehicle graphics wraps.

Images that you may have on your phone or digital camera may be high resolution but are probably far from the quality that you’ll want to print. Advertising material, especially vehicle graphics wraps, need to be as best as they can be, as close to perfect as possible, just like tens of thousands of dollar art work that ad agencies create. We take the same steps that an ad agency does to create this type of art work, but for a fraction of the cost.


Who will be designing my vinyl vehicle graphics wrap?

The only person who designs vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps at Graphic Headquarters is John C. He has been in the advertising business since he was 16 years old. A super pro who worked at many NYC ad agencies on a slew of Fortune 500 accounts. So he know how to prepare images that will print at their optimum quality and design layouts that will attract immediate attention.


Who will be printing & installing my vinyl vehicle graphics wrap and where?

The only person who will be printing and installing your vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps is as meticulous as they come. Matt C preps all vehicles before any vinyl graphics are applied. Not only are they cleaned, but they are wiped down with alcohol. This extra time prepping your vehicle assures that there will be no peeling on the corners of any text or artwork. Matt possesses the experience and the right tools to exactly position and apply vinyl vehicle graphics just as they we designed.


Contact Graphic Headquarters today and stand out from all the badly designed vinyl vehicle graphics and all of the hard to read busy van wraps out there.

Learn what makes well designed vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps and what doesn’t. Look at our portfolio of bold vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps and get a feel of our style, then get a price on your next vinyl vehicle graphics wraps design, printing and installation job. You won’t believe you can get such great design quality and production speed for such an affordable price.

Mouthwatering vinyl vehicle graphics & wraps for your food truck or trailer.
Food Truck Vinyl Graphics And Wraps

The layout above is to show you the style of bold food tuck or trailer graphics that we create. 


We start by shooting hi-rez photography of your actual food. We'll shoot at various angles because we don't which shot will look best on the layout. Then we retouch the chosen images so they look their best when printed n your food truck or trailer. We'll extract them from their backgrounds, soften the edges, color balance them and add some contrast so they'll "pop". Depending on your budget, we may even put a background image like shown above.


The next step is to create a layout on a picture of your actual trailer or truck. After an initial presentation of the layout and a few rounds of revisions, we will then be able to prepare it for print. This includes taking super accurate measurements, setting up a hi-rez print file, printing, drying and installing.


This may seem like a lot of work and probably expensive, but it's not because we're fast and accurate.


Call today for a free consultation, presentation and estimate on vinyl graphics wraps design, printing & installation.

Full vinyl wraps can crack and peel, especially in Orlando.

Vinyl Graphics And Wraps Cracking
Vinyl Graphics And Wraps

Vinyl wrap stress like this cannot be repaired unless the vehicle is stripped and re-wrapped. But our vehicle graphics can easily be removed and replaced if damaged.

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