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Estimating a website design job is based on these factors.

What type of website are we creating?


Business Website:

A business website is the most common type of website. Clean and corporate, attractive and professional looking design. This type of website design has enough pages, text and images to be found on organic Google search results for the keyword phrases pertaining to your business product or services. Around 1400 words per page, written with keywords in mind. Keywords in the 5 headings, in the body copy, clickable text, in the titles and descriptions and in the image names.

Ecommerce Shop Website:

Websites that you can shop and buy goods and services on get the same treatment as a business/corporate website design. They cost more than a business website because of all the extra images and pages that will need to be created, programmed and tested. These include register, log-in, shopping cart, check out, payments, shipping, returns, privacy policy and confirmation pages.

Small Business Starter Website:

We've helped many small businesses start off with a website that they can be proud of and expand on as they grow. Some are 1 page websites and others are 3 pages. Small business starter websites will most likely won't be found on organic Google search results because there aren't enough pages and content to compete with the competition already on page 1.

How many pages will the website have?


Whether it's a business, shop or starter site that you need, how many pages the website will have will usually dictate how much the site will cost. Writing all of the seo text, choosing all of the images and then designing 2 separate layouts, 1 for computers and a 1 column version for phones has to be done for every page. To determine how many pages a website design will need, simply add the number of product/services pages to the standard home and contact us page.

What type of functionality will the website have?


There are many different kind of website functionality that can be integrated into a website design. The most common is a contact form. Others include blog pages, estimate forms, calendars, location maps, photo/video galleries, live chats and more.

Creating the content for a website.


Content consists of headlines and main visuals which are at the top of the page. This is the most important content. This is where we need to draw in the viewer to want to read more. This is developed through research and brainstorming which we do very well, fast and therefor affordable. Once headlines and main visuals have been created, we move onto writing all the paragraph text and choosing images. This goes into more detail on the next pages.

This is what a typical website estimate looks like.

It states all the steps that it will take to complete the website so that the client knows what he's getting and what will be done next. A website is a lot of work, so we are proud to show our prices. And we always give our clients something for free.

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