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All sizes and styles of folded brochure design and printing.


A well designed printed and folded brochure is still a vital promotional tool.

Today, a website is where people are turning to in order to research your company. But when you're out in the field, a company brochure is still a vital tool that makes a great first impression. A brochure is an edited version of your website design. Present your brochure to potential clients and leave it behind with them to show their associates. It will educate potential clients about your company and market your product or service in a well presented manner. A brochure will also remind them to go to your website because it is bigger than a business card and will most likely be placed on their desk and not in their wallet.


How we start to design a company brochure for you.

Research is always first. Reading and learning about your company, industry, products or services usually starts, but doesn't end, at your website. Searching and learning about your industry, products or services from competitor's sites also helps tremendously. From this research, ideas for heading and images will be developed. Concepts (headlines & visuals) will be created. This all gives us an idea of how the brochure will flow from front cover, through the inside spread and onto the outside back panel.

Images choosing & creation for your printed brochure.

Any images you have will be checked for size and quality. If they are high resolution, they can be utilized in the brochure design. if not, we will let you know. Stock photos will be researched and used to accompany written headlines or paragraph text. When stock photos are approved, they will be purchased, retouched, resized and replaced on the brochure layout. If you have products, or a storefront or vehicles that need to be photographed, then we can arrange for that as well.

Writing all of the text for your folded brochure.

The text on your brochure is one of the, if not the most important aspect of any type of advertising or company promotion. What it says on the cover needs to be professional looking, which means compelling and clever. The body text need to be the right length of sentences, which means; to the point. When researching, notes are taken all along the way. So, we will have more than enough text to utilize on the brochure. Each paragraph will be written pertaining to the images chosen and/or headings written.

Next is creating layouts for your printed brochure.

Once all of the images and text have been established, we can creates layouts of the front cover, inside spread and outside back panels. Our brochure layouts are designed beautifully. We are professional text designers. We use the right size, color and style of fonts, and the right size and placement of images. We also keep important content away from folds and not too close to the edge. At this point, a tight 1st go-around layout can now be presented. This will give you a great place to start making revisions. We guarantee that we will get very close to what you envisioned on the 1st shot. Brochures are not easy to create but we make it look easy. We make a lot of important work run real smooth.

Graphic Headquarters designs & prints brochures in many different sizes.

Brochure design and printing sizes vary depending on the amount of company content needed to be presented. Common requested sizes of brochures are 8.5x11 (3 panels per side), 8.5x14 (4 panels per side), or multiple pages assembled into a stapled booklet. Each folded color brochure designed and printed by Graphic Headquarters is unique, tailored specifically to the particular client in color, style, images and text content. A business card accompanied by a well written, designed and printed company brochure created by Graphic Headquarters can be a very powerful one-two punch at any trade show or networking meeting.

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