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Print ads are still a strong player in your advertising campaign.


Print ads designed by Graphic Headquarters are truly ads, not signs.


Even with most advertising dollars being spent on the internet and television, many companies continue to find success in print advertising. Just open any magazine or newspaper and you will find a large percentage of the space purchased by print advertisers. A well designed print ad is still a powerful form of media and an investment into a print ad designed by Graphic Headquarters will stand out among the rest in concept, execution and layout design.


Newspaper and magazine ads are designed traditionally with a thought out written headline at the top, not a logo. They have an interesting main visual also at the top that pertains to the headline. The text is written in sentence and paragraph form, not in bullet points. A local publication may offer a free ad design with ad placement, but this route will only make your ad look like the rest of the ads in the publication.


Print Ad Campaigns


A series of ads that feature a product or service across a specific time frame to develop an "at-a-glance" viewer recognition. Visuals may change while reusing the same headline. Layouts may be consistent while colors may change from ad to ad. Maybe a specific feature is advertised every 3 months.


A great example of a well known campaign is the "So easy a caveman can do it" campaign by Geico. Once the concept of using a cave man was established and approved, executing the concept in continuous and various situations is referred to as a running campaign.

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