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A Lot Goes Into Website Design: Research, SEO Writing, Images & More.

1. Website Design Screen Share Meeting To Discuss Pages & Functionality.


Get an education about how SEO websites should be structured, written and designed.

When preparing to design a website, the first order of business is to simply discuss the job. The most efficient way to do that is in a screen share meaning. There, we will discuss your products or services which will help us decide how many pages you need, the type of functionality like forms, galleries, the ability to shop online, book appointments and more. One of the most important subjects will cover is what Google expects call my website in order to complete a page on the keyword terms having to do with your business. You'll learn the different ways to get on Google, which has everything to do with the writing on your website. SEO writing is all about getting the most bang for your buck in the amount of characters that you are allowed to use, and Graphic Headquarters is one of the best SEO website writers and designers in Orlando.


2. Learning Your Company To Write SEO Website Text About Your Company.

Before any SEO tiles, descriptions, headings, bullet points or paragraph text can be written for your website, extensive research into your company, products/services, and even competitors websites needs to be performed.

Reading up on any company materials that you may have, reading competitors websites, and discussing with you what makes you different all helps to write accurate and compelling SEO text. While researching, brainstorming concepts are developed, images are chosen, and headlines are written for your website. Each website page needs to lead the viewer into wanting more information, therefore headlines play a tremendous role. Usually 5 or 6 headlines are used on each website page. The first headline being an intro, then a separate section for each part of the product or service. Once the structure has been approved, then SEO paragraph text can be written and edited. Some were made to believe that website can be designed in an hour, but now you know that a lot goes into a website design like research, SEO writing, image selection, retouching & more.

3. Strategic SEO Writing Is What Gets Your Website On Page 1, But There's More To It.

SEO can sometimes be an ongoing project depending on how much competition in your area. At first, we give Google what they want, the proper structure, the right lengths of titles, descriptions and headings, and the right amount of text required on a page. There have been single page websites that have yielded page 1 results and they have been multi page websites that experience a challenge getting on page one. It's always different and therefore attention will be given to see where we rank keywords. Sometimes additional pages will need to be added in order to compete on page one. This is normal, so understand that when it comes to Google ranking, trial and error might be an order.

4. Embedding SEO Text Writing Into Your Website Images.

 Most SEO website writers are familiar with this structure and content needed to rank on Google. But some forget about Google image ranking. It is important for your website pictures to appear on Google images. Many will click on Google images when doing a search. Therefore, the pictures from your website need to look the best. That's why they are treated like advertising artwork, and not just a pic thrown on a website. Images are retouch and sized properly, and sometimes your logo will be embedded onto them so that at a glance, the viewer knows your company. This is obtained by naming the website images correctly with the proper keywords.

5. Keeping Website Design Layouts Simple For Google, Mobile & Your Budget.

Everyone knows what design means, but not a lot of people know what art direction means. Art direction is deciding how images will be cropped, deciding on what, if anything, will be fading in or out, blinking or flashing. Art direction is important, but these days, not necessary for a couple important reasons. For one, art direction runs up the cost of the website design. It takes a lot more thought and time to design it. Another reason is that most art direction doesn't transform well to the mobile website version. Therefore, simple classic website design works best for most clients, especially start up businesses to have a small website budget. The majority of your website design budget should be allocated to the SEO text because the website text is what gets you on page one. The SEO written text is the most important part of the website. It needs to be truthful, compelling, and accurate, and that takes time and a few rounds of editing to get it just right. See some classic SEO website designs below that are clean, easy to read and understand, and functional which means Google can crawl them well and rank you high on results.


Call Today To Learn About SEO Websites So That You Understand The Value Of Them.

Some were made to believe that website can be designed in an hour, but now you know that a lot goes into a website design like research, SEO writing, image selection, retouching & more. Call Graphic Headquarters today of the best SEO website writers & designers in Orlando.

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