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Packaging design, boxes, labels ...a major part of your brand strategy.


A Well Designed Product Package Jumps Out At You.

Packaging design is one of the most involved areas of advertising design and production. Browsing any isle of a shopping market will give you an idea of the many designs, sizes and functionality styles of packaging. Consumers do judge a book by its cover which is why the packaging design of a product is so critical.


The design of your product packaging has a tremendous impact on sales and brand awareness. It should stand out from the competition, educate the consumer and also protect the product. The packaging design can very well be the difference between a consumer choosing your product over the competition. At the point of purchase it must have shelf appeal and be easily understood so that the consumer can make an informed decision. A product may be competitively priced but if it is not clearly defined by strategic and memorable packaging, it will get lost in a sea of competition.

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Product packaging designs are presented in digital or hand assembled comps or prototypes.

Comprehensive prototypes are hand assembled to actual size with graphics and locking tabs to show exactly how it will look and be opened. In addition to the computer design of product packaging, Graphic Headquarters has the ability to assembled multiple packaging comps for any number of sales reps, focus groups and testing needs.


A package that shouts loudly from the shelf will make it irresistible to your target audience. Graphic Headquarters designs this type of packaging for all types of products. They combine creativity with presentation skills to design and produce product packaging that is both realistic for production and in line with your corporate image. 

Contact Graphic Headquarters today for a free consultation. We are one of the product packaging design companies in Orlando, Nassau/Suffolk Long Island and beyond.

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