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TV commercial/video scripts, storyboards, clips, voice, music & direction.


TV commercial design and production is more affordable and versatile than ever before.

A TV commercial is not just a TV commercial anymore. Once produced, they are used on websites and social media as well. Since most advertising space and air time is being purchased on the internet, the cost of TV commercial production and air time on television has dropped.  So, now is the time to promote your company in the right manner on the flat screen and the computer screen with a TV commercial written and produced by Graphic Headquarters.


As you know, local TV commercials are not well produced.

This is because cable companies usually provide free production with purchase of air time. You can easily tell a locally produced TV commercial from a professionally produced spot. Many local TV commercials have grainy video, muffled sound and bad voice overs. Graphic Headquarters creates TV commercials that are carefully planned and properly produced. We start by researching your company, brainstorming ideas, writing a script and then presenting a storyboard, like the one below.

TV commercial script, storyboard design, direction & production:

The result of a well planned storyboard is clearly demonstrated in our TV commercial.


Frame by frame, a story is told of exactly what the commercial will say and what images will accompany the script. We create TV commercials by carefully designing storyboards in a way that can be easily produced to keep production costs low. We work together with you on revising the storyboard till you approve it for production.


At that point we can then create the video clips, record the dialog and assemble a first draft. After revising it to your liking and receiving your approval of the final take, we can then prepare it for production and submit it for broadcast.

When we design a TV Commercial/Video, we take all the same production steps that an expensive ad agency does:



- Research your industry, company and competitors
- Brainstorm and develop concepts
- Create first draft script of the dialog
- Edit the script to exact required duration of the commercial
- Research images and create storyboard frames
- Present 1st go-around storyboard layouts to client
- Revise storyboard as per client request till approved



- Create original and / or purchase stock video clips
- Create voice over tracks
- Research and purchase background music
- Create and present first draft to client
- Edit as per client request till approved

To us, the process of producing a TV commercial is the same as creating anything else.

It's always about writing and visuals. Headlines and still images on print and video clips with voice overs for TV commercials. After completing the design and production of a print ad, we send the it to the magazine for publishing. After presenting storyboards, shooting video clips, and editing a TV commercial, we send it to the network to be aired. The process is always the same.


Contact Graphic Headquarters today to set up a meeting. We will present past storyboards, production procedures and sample estimates which will show you how a professional TV Commercial can be produced for your company ...which is more affordable than you would think.

Call for a FREE consultation and presentation. We are one of the top TV Commercial script writing, directing & producing companies in Orlando, Nassau/Suffolk Long Island and beyond.

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