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This image represent a classic style of graphic design known as repetition and progression.

Not just Graphic Design. Classic Graphic Design Devices.

Anyone can be a graphic designer. Graphic designers do just that They are supplied with content from their client. The client supplies the text and the images. Usually the text is not well written and the images aren't passable either.


Here at Graphic Headquarters, we are the professionals and we propose to the client what they need; suggesting what the message should be and what the images should look like ...while educating them on what's good graphic design, what's not, and why. We do this all while staying in budget so you can get the best value, not just a pretty graphic design.

Graphic design consists of devices used to attract attention. Contrast in weight, size and color is a common way to attract attention. Another is progression which tells a story that leads the viewer into the message. And a third is repetition; repeating an image in a creative way. These are all powerful design devices that are commonly used in graphic design. Below is a single and simple image that uses both contrast and repetition.

graphic designers orlando 2

You immediately look at the red glass. This design device is known as contrast in weight.

A sample of a powerful graphic design layout.

This sample shows repetition and progression; repeating the pipes in the circles which progress over time. Keep in mind, we also created the concept, wrote the text an chose the images. 

graphic designers orlando 3
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