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Perfect Lettering Placement For Vans, Trucks & Trailer Graphic Wraps In Orlando.

Now that we have images photographed and retouched, we can start on the text. The choice of fonts, the color of them, the size, the spacing between the lines, and even the spacing between the letters themselves are all important. But nothing's more important that the placement of the text. All important elements like logos, phone numbers, web addresses and bullet point text are always positioned carefully because legibility, especially from a distance is most important any van, truck or trailer graphic wraps design and printing job.

Text Vinyl Graphics And Wraps
Bold Vinyl Graphics And Wraps

Van and truck makes and models are all different. None are a flat blank canvas. They have gas caps, door handles, emblems, and other areas that text or images can't be placed over. We are pros at text design, especially when it comes to vinyl vehicle graphics wraps. All text will be positioned in the right place. Individual letters will never be cut in half. Phone numbers and website addresses will always be visible when parked or in traffic. Even letter spacing will be adjusted to look perfect.

Custom Textured Lettering Looks Great When Applied On Vans, Trailers Or Truck Fleet Wraps


Sometimes a name will dictate the art direction. Hence, see concrete texture and transparent overlay which turned into a great logo that says exactly what the company does. And being that is was printed in large format and to be installed on a trailer, it looked beautiful. Everyone that we design vinyl graphic wraps for on their vehicles are loving the work. We are proud to be one of the top van and truck graphics designers in Orlando and Long Island.

We Keep The Vinyl Graphics High On Vans & Trucks So The Entire Design Can Be Seen.

Plus, The Client Saves A Lot Of Money On Unnecessary Square Footage


Even though a van, truck or trailer is a big canvas, we still don't want to clutter it all up. Well designed van and truck graphics have space between the elements. Negative space is important. Also, we saved the client a lot of money in square footage by not designing anything on the bottom half of the vehicle. No one is going to see it anyway.


After researching their company, we usually suggest what needs to be designed printed on it and where it should all be placed on the vehicle. After all, we are the pros right? We saved the client even more money by adding the .com to the end of his name. The name of the company and their web address are the same so why be redundant. So, in this layout we have the name big, the bullet points toned down in gray and credibility in the black text. Nice and bold and clean is what you want.


There are many ways to screw up vinyl vehicle graphics and lettering on vans and trucks. Images may be enlarged too much and become fuzzy or pixelated when they print. Images may not have been retouched properly and look like amateur photography from someone's phone gallery. But the biggest no-no's are cutting through text, not having any air around your logo, placing contact information at the bottom or having all this content on a busy background.

Stop wasting money on bad van and truck graphics and lettering. Stop hiring graphic designers, printers & sign guys. Viewers only have a few seconds to read your message. Hire and “Ad Man”. - Better, Faster, Cheaper, Guaranteed!

Contact Us For A Free Van, Truck Or Trailer Graphic Wraps Design, Printing And On Site Install Consultation.

On Van & Truck Graphics, We Always Keep Lettering Off Of Busy Backgrounds.

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