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Separate Mobile Website Design Because We Don't Want Anything To Move.

Why Are These Cell Phone/Mobile Website Designs Bad?

Rather than design a responsive SEO website, where text and images move on their own, and have the possibility of content overlapping like in the image below, you'll always get a separate mobile website version designed so that any overlapping won't and can't happen, because everything will stay where it's placed. This is important because we're gonna work hard to attract attention and lead the viewer into wanting to read more, so we don't want anything to move, especially on a mobile website. A responsive site can be called a lazy way of working because automatic rescale. Instead, we go the extra mile design a separate mobile website version for no extra charge. Over 80% are looking at websites on their phones so don't take a chance in it not looking as it should on all of the different mobile phones and settings.

Bad Responsive Mobile Website Design

Outdated Website Design On Cell Phone


Responsive sites move website content automatically and can cause overlapping text and images.


Outdated websites are illegible, use obsolete practices will not be listed on searches.


Mobile Websites Are Affecting How Layouts Are Designed.

Mobile website layout designs on cell phones run vertically and scroll deeper than the desktop version. Mobile websites scroll deeper because they are designed to be in one column. People also hold their mobile cell phones vertically. They need to be in one column so that text is large enough to read and images are large enough to see. Desktop website layouts are usually designed in multi column because they are viewed on a larger screen and more content can be seen. Also, computer screens and laptops are horizontal, so multi column works well.

Your Responsive Mobile Site Or Old Website Design Is Hurting Your Business.

If your mobile website can't be read clearly, then it is clearly hurting your business. It might be worth it to chalk it up and get a newly written and designed website that visitors will want to stay on. Just look at all the great mobile website layout designs above. They are all creative, easy to read on a cell phone and can be found on search engines. Call today and learn what it takes to create a mobile website that is considered good in all areas.

We always design a separate mobile site because over 80% look at sites on their cell phones. Having a vertical mobile version of your website is now more important that ever to promote your company. The widespread use of cell phones used to navigate the internet has greatly impacted the way we research and shop for products and services companies just like yours. Get a mobile website from Graphic Headquarters, the best mobile website designer in Orlando and beyond.

We Always Design A Separate Mobile Website Layout. 

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