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Custom Storefront Sign Design, Printing, Fabrication And Installation.

Some Of The Different Types Of Storefront Signs Available.
Channel Letters


Standard channel letters, backlit, reverse letters and side lit channel letters are all custom fabricated from aluminum and acrylic. They are illuminated with LED lights. Any font or artwork can be created in almost any color or style to match your brand or storefront in Orlando.

Lightbox Cabinet Sign Fabrication, Design & Installation.

Energy efficient lightbox sign cabinets are a popular choice to brightly display any message inside or outside. They are fabricated from rust proof metal and illuminated with LED lights. The translucent acrylic face allow light to shine through and display graphics. Any type of logos or images can be displayed on them.

Custom Designed Framed Aluminum Sign Printing & Installation


No one is designing signs like these. These aluminum framed signs are designed as if it was going to be a 100ft logo on a billboard. They are full color outdoor prints mounted on aluminum, cut to size and framed. So anything can be printed and mounted on an outdoor aluminum sign. Even though it's just a sign, that doesn't mean it should look like it was designed with boring fonts by a junior graphic artist working in a neighborhood sign shop. It should be designed to attract attention, just like any advertising piece.

Window Graphics Brings Storefronts In Orlando To Another Level.

Storefront signs and window graphics design, printing and installation.


Your storefront signs or window graphics are a first impression of your business. Projecting a positive image with storefront signs designed, printed and installed by Graphic Headquarters develops brand identity for your company. Graphic Headquarters designs, prints and installs all types of storefront signs, window graphics and banners.


Many sign styles are available for companies in the market for signs or window graphics that will stand out and get noticed. These include full color digitally printed flat signs, one way window signs, dimensional channel letter signs, back lit light box signs, digital signs, and more. If your business is located in a shopping center, we can collect all specifications from your landlord, present layouts, and obtain surveys and permits from your town office.

All Types Of Hanging Banners And Retractable Stands.

We are one of the top sign design and printing companies in Orlando.


Most sign shops do not have an art director designing their signs. Graphic Headquarters does. An art director will design storefront signs on a photo of the storefront so that it ties into the architecture of the building. This also shows the client exactly how the storefront signs or window graphics will look before they are printed. Font styles are carefully chosen and spacing between words and lines of text are kerned for consistency and optically correct spacing.


Business storefront signs designed by Graphic Headquarters are clean and bold. Give your storefront a professional and attractive look that will draw more potential customers with an eye catching sign designed, printed and installed by Graphic Headquarters.

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