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Website design images don't come from expensive photoshoots.

Website images can come from a few different sources.


Stock Photos:

A headline is at the top, it's the most important. It's what should attract the viewer immediately. It also needs to be written with keywords in mind pertaining to that page, and to a certain character count. We write great headlines that can be viewed throughout this website.

Original Photography:

Sometimes a stock photo or Google image will be used as a sample of what the final image will look like in style and or composition. Once approved, the stock photo can be recreated and replaced on the website layout.


In this website, stock photos and original photography were used side by side to compare quality. When approved, the stock photo will be purchased, resized, named with keywords and replaced.


Sometimes, for attractive design purposes, you want to mix in some illustration. Maybe a blue print of a product or a line drawing in the background. Illustrations are treated the same way as original photography. A stock photo or Google image is used as a sample and when approved, recreated and replaced

Google Images:

All images need to be owned. Which means photographed or purchased from a stock photo house. No one is allowed to use images on the internet. Whoever created those images are the owners and are protected by copyright laws.

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