Text design for vinyl graphics & wraps vans tucks and fleets.

Now that we have images photographed and retouched, we can start on the text. The choice of fonts, the color of them, the size, the spacing between the lines, and even the spacing between the letters themselves are all important. But nothing's more important that the placement of the text. All important elements like logos, phone numbers, web addresses and bullet point text are always positioned carefully because legibility, especially from a distance is important.

Text Vinyl Graphics And Wraps
Bold Vinyl Graphics And Wraps

Van and truck makes and models are all different. None are a flat blank canvas. They have gas caps, door handles, emblems, and other areas that text or images can't be placed over. We are pros at text design, especially when it comes to vinyl vehicle graphics wraps. All text will be positioned in the right place. Individual letters will never be cut in half. Phone numbers and website addresses will always be visible when parked or in traffic. Even letter spacing will be adjusted to look perfect.