The Best Website Designers In Orlando Can't Even Create A Site In An Hour.

Website layouts in progress that we wrote and designed.

These website designs are works in progress. But this is how tight we present 1st go-around website layouts. View them on computers and phones because we always design a separate mobile version. It took a few days just to write all the text for these websites but if you need to be found on Google than this is the amount of content you need. Click on images to view them. For the best written and designed websites in Orlando and beyond, remember Graphic Headquarters.


When we present 1st go-around website design layouts, they are tight. They have newly written headlines and body text. They have carefully chosen images. They have a flow to them. Click on the on the above website jobs in progress and see how much content we create. This gives you a lot of value to use on other media down the road like for social media ads or printed material.

Finished SEO websites we wrote and designed from scratch.

Click on them to view them.

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It should take a day just to write the text for your website home page.

Especially if you want a clever concept at the top to attract attention and especially if you want to be found on search engines. Then you'll want to use some quality images. Where are they coming from? Are you searching and purchasing stock photos? Are you setting up a photo shoot? Because the images you have on your phone aren't good enough. They need to be retouched, cropped, sized and named correctly. Every picture does. Or maybe you are stealing images off the internet. Well, if you are then you can be sued for copyright infringement. Then you have to create two sets of layouts, a desktop version and a vertical mobile version. Still want to create your own website? Design your own website and you'll look unprofessional.

Warning: Do not hire a novice to design your website.

Every week we hear stories from new clients about so called website designers disappearing, not delivering on time, and (can you believe?) not presenting layouts before it goes live. The complaints about website designers are coming from successful independent business owners from Long Island NY to Orlando Fl and as far as Boca Raton. Now we have to come and save the day for these clients. And we can't charge them regular price because for one, the websites usually need to be totally redone. And two, they already wasted money on their previous website designer. When we look at their website with them, we see that there are no headlines, the text isn't written well, the images are poor quality, the layouts are bad and the SEO is even worse.

Get educated before you hire a website designer.

Let's have a meeting on the computer. You'll learn what the difference is between a good website and a bad one and why. You'll also learn about images and text. We'll talk about how concepts are developed, how headlines are written. We'll read some written paragraph text samples on a few sites we created. We'll show how images are prepared and of course, what it takes to get on page 1 of search results. Call today to schedule this free consultation.

If you are serious about your business, hire a professional website designer.

Hire Graphic Headquarters. We research your company, write the text, choose the images, create the layouts and present them to you on where you can see our computer screen. We propose what you need so that you have a solid place to start making revisions. We make a lot of work and an important part of your business run real smooth. We've written and designed many websites for over 15 years and have many references. We've been called "mind readers", "the best" and even "rock stars".

Contact Graphic Headquarters today for a free consultation so we can look into the structure of your existing website or discuss designing a new corporate website for your company.

Website design preparation.

A quality website consists of many different factors. In order to call a website a quality one, concepts, headlines, images, body text, SEO and more need to be professionally prepared and produced. Below are some of the steps we take in doing so.

Quality website designs start with research.

Headlines and text are two of the most important aspects of your website design. What it says at the top, and how it says is one of the main areas that will determine if the viewer will stay on your website or hit the back button. A lot of thought will go into your headlines and text. So in order to brainstorm concepts and write about your company, we need to learn about your company. Talking to you, reading your existing website (if you have one) and your other advertising pieces are a good place to start. But it doesn't end there. Research into your competitors websites will also help to learn about your industry and services. We'll even research each of your products or services individually nationwide if need be. The more info, the better.

A headline goes at the top of your website design.

Why do headlines go at the top? Because they attract attention, just like in a magazine ad. A headline is the first element of your website that the viewer will see. It will be accompanied by an interesting visual and together will work as a team to grab attention quickly. Once we have the viewers attention, we want to let them know right away what you do and how well you do it. This conceptual design practice of ours is only the beginning. We are only talking about the top half of the home page of your website design. As we continue on with the home page of your website design, and the services pages, we will indicate where additional headings should be place along with how much sentence text should be written.

Images on your website design.

You can't take just any picture and put it on your website. It may be to big in size. It may be to small in size. It may be to low in resolution. It may be too high in resolution. If it's too big it will take too long to load. If it's too small, it may look blurry or pixelated. It may need to be cropped better, or lightened, or darkened. Images are important, and should be prepared correctly so they look good on your website. Every image is sized correctly, retouched if needed, cropped and named properly ...with keywords. We may even add a little contrast or color balancing flesh tones if needed.

Layout design of your website.

Art direction and movement that takes away from the concepts created, headlines that we direct them to read and services that we want them to know about are not a good idea. High end design that includes text sliding in and images fading in only runs up the budget and causes issues on the mobile version of your website. 3 out of 4 are looking at websites on their phone, so this needs to be seriously taken into consideration when designing the desktop website. We're better off sticking to classic and corporate style website design styles that are clean and neat. Using website templates that are responsive are the lazy way out. You may think it's cool, but it's not. We never use templates because it's actually easier for us to create a website from scratch. We don't know how many images or blocks of text we want to show on any given page. And we don't want anything to move from where we placed it, so a responsive website template is not the way to go. Important elements like headlines might move and wind up on a busy background where it won't be legible. Or images may resize themselves to a point where  they are unrecognizable. You can trust that when your website is complete, it will be conceptual, accurate, truthful and functional. Contact us today for a free consultation and presentation.