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Save Up To $1500 Per Truck Graphics Wrap & Get Better Design, Printing & On-Site Installation.

Contact us today for a free consultation and presentation. Graphic Headquarters is one of the top vinyl truck graphics wrap designers and printing companies in Orlando.

Custom designed vinyl truck graphic wraps installed at your Orlando location.


Keep your trucks on the road and noticed more often with better designs, cheaper printing and on-site installation. Don't have your trucks tied up in a sign shop for days getting wrapped and paying more than you need to. It's our job to educate and help business owners in Orlando, not overcharge them and give them 2nd rate design like most sign shops and printers will.

Get a quick quote on truck graphics lettering, wrap design, printing and installation.

Thank you for your interest. A representative will contact you.

Truck Lettering And Cut-Out Images Or Full Wrap Graphics.

When discussing truck graphics, there are benefits to both cut out letters and images and full wraps. Which ever way you decide to go, you can be sure to get bolder and cleaner designs that will be noticed and remembered.

Orlando Truck Graphic Wrap Printers

Cut-Out Lettering And Images

Cut out lettering and images for truck graphics are the most cost-effective way to design. Less square foot coverage of vinyl, ink and adhesive are used. Also, there is much less labor involved. Should the graphics get damaged, they can easily be removed and replaced relatively inexpensively.


Full Wrap Truck Graphics

Full wrap truck graphics are extremely bold and act as a strong rolling billboard to advertise your company. But this amount of coverage can be costly so budget really comes into play here. Should the graphics get damaged, it's also more expensive to repair because a whole sheet of vinyl would have to be replaced.

Truck Graphics Lettering & Wraps Should Be Able To Be Read In 3 Seconds

A truck graphics wrap design and printing job should be treated as a rolling billboard. It should work for you to help get the phone ringing and bring in customers. The vinyl graphics on your truck fleet should pay for itself. But in order for this to happen, it needs to be designed, printed and installed correctly.


What this means is that the images need to be interesting to look at, therefore they are treated as artwork. They need to be photographed in high resolution and retouched to the best they can be so they stay sharp when printed large.


The text on truck graphics needs to be carefully placed so that so that none of the letters get cut through. Also, important contact info needs to be placed high enough to be seen and read over the top of cars when on the road in Orlando. And never, ever, put a logo over a busy background. Be careful, there are not too many professional print production artists in Orlando who can design graphic wraps for truck fleets like Graphic Headquarters can.

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