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Window Graphics Wrap Design, Printing & Installation For Windermere Stores, Offices Or Medical Facilities.

Window graphics are a powerful way to be remembered by everyone passing by on both the sidewalk and driving on the road. But window graphics need to be prepared correctly. Window graphic wraps I started with the proper photography or images. They need to be the highest resolution possible because large format printing requires. You will always get high resolution photography and retouching so that your window graphics when printed a sharp and attractive. Retouching is what turns ordinary picture into a piece of advertising artwork. Backgrounds are eliminated, shadows are airbrushed, colors or corrected, all to make the images the best they can be. Don't hire a bad sign shop to do the job of an advertising designer. Hire Graphic Headquarters for your next window graphics wrap design, printing and installation job in Windermere.

Illegible Window Graphics Design & Printing

Bad graphics

Bold Window Graphics Design & Printing


Window graphics when created correctly can make a big statement. In this case, original photography was created and then retouched. The bold and legible design let drivers know who they are and what they do immediately. For window graphics that can be comprehended in just a couple seconds, hire Graphic Headquarters. What you'll get is sharp high resolution images, attractive design and of course affordable pricing.

For Window Graphics Design, Printing in Windermere, Graphic Headquarters Can't Be Beat.


For storefront window graphics, images are carefully chosen and cropped well to fill the space nicely. Text is custom written so that it all fits comfortably in the areas, lines up with each other and is as legible as possible from afar.  If you have a storefront in Windermere, call Graphic Headquarters and have your windows attract as much attention as possible with boldly designed graphics, printing and istallation.

Custom Artwork For Window Graphics Design, Printing & Installation


Most of the time window graphics design, printing and installation jobs consist of logos, stock photos and clean text treatment. But sometimes custom artwork needs to be rendered. Original artwork like the window graphics layout above takes a little more time. Images not only have to be researched to see what they look like but drawn. In this case, we created translucent graphics so that sunlight can shine through. The client wanted stained glass that included both the background and the silhouetted images. It's always a challenge when a busy background is involved but it was designed in a way that kept all of the elements legible.

About Window Graphics Image Creation & Preparation

The images we use are not from client cell phones or Google images. Cell phone images are not good enough to use in advertising. And Google images are rights protected which means you cannot use them to advertise your brand. They are also way too small in size and resolution to enlarge. In order for window graphics to look as well as they do on the layout design above, they have to be photographed or purchased from a stock photo house in high resolution. Window graphics images are big and therefore have to be as sharp and interesting as possible to attract attention.

About Window Wrap Graphics Text Creation & Preparation

The text we design for window graphics is also clean and bold. Choosing the right fonts that work well with the logo, or choosing fonts that are legible from afar is all important. We also kern every character, which means letter spacing. Correctly kerning the letters apart from each other is what ad agencies do, and probably not what printers or sign shops do. For the best window graphics in Windermere, call Graphic Headquarters.

Window Graphics Design, Printing For All Industries In Windermere & Beyond.

Window Graphics Wrap Design, Printing & Installation For Windermere Stores, Offices Or Medical Facilities.

Graphic Headquarters | Windermere & Beyond

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