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We Don't Just "Design" Websites, Or Anything Else.

Our 8 Steps That Has Made Websites And Every Other Job Run Real Smooth For Over 20 Years:

1. We Present Past Work

2. Provide A Detailed Estimate

3. Research Your Company

4. Write All The Headlines & Text

5. Choose The Right Images

6. Present Tight Layouts

7. Discuss And Render Changes

8. Finalize Layouts For Production

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what type of media we are creating. This is the way any advertising job should be handled. We know because we’ve been designing websites and more for over 20 years. And because this process works so well, we can work faster and charge less than most. Get ad agency quality websites and much more from Graphic Headquarters. Contact us to schedule a free screen sharing presentation and consultation.

The Value Behind A Website Designed By Graphic Headquarters.

The Value Of Education

The first step in the process of designing a website or any other advertising material is to educate you. In a screen sharing meeting, you'll be presented with past work, the process of creating it, what's make for a good website and why, and how an estimate is structured. This is done so that you can get a feel of who you're working with, see and understand the quality of work, and trust that the work done for you will be just as compelling and accurate.


Value Us Over Them

Website designers usually don't design print work. Print designers don't usually design websites. Printers don't design vehicle graphics. Sign shops don't design ads. And none of them  brainstorm concepts and write headlines and text. Why? Because they are not "Ad Men". An ad man can produce anything and everything advertising. Never hire different vendors for different media, everything will look different and just take up more of your time. The only person who will be writing, choosing images and designing your website and other media is John Calvaruso, a former NYC ad man with decades of experience.


The Value Of The Right Text And Images

The first job of a website is to be found and viewed. That takes strategic writing. Keyword-rich copywriting is what it's called. Then what the headline says and what the image looks like needs to attract immediate attention so it better be clever and interesting. Great concepts that hold a viewer attention come from research and brainstorming. You don't have to provide any text or images. It will all be created for you and then presented for revising. Any job done for you, especially a website design will be as close to what you are looking for on the first shot.


The Value Of A Separate Mobile Version

80% of websites are being viewed on cell phones. This tells us that if you have an old website without a mobile version you will not be found on Google, plus, no one is going to want to look at it because the text and images will be way too small. Responsive websites look great on computers but resize themselves on cell phones. This is a problem because text overlaps busy areas and becomes illegible. The only way to go is with a separate vertical layout from Graphic Headquarters. Get two layouts for the price of one. that's a lot of value.


Edit Down The Website For Even More Value

You can never have too many website pages or enough great content. the more the better. Especially if you want your website to be found. The value here is reusing the content from the website for printed material, social media posts, email ads and more. The ad and 2 brochures on the left were created by utilizing text and images from the website. This allowed the client to save money by editing down the existing info on the website and not having to start from scratch.

All these companies got a fast and affordable website design and more. You can too.

I can't do what they do, and they can't do what I do. So if you are a business owner, get serious about your how your company's website design and everything else looks and says. Hire Graphic Headquarters and save time, money and aggravation on websites and more. We design and produce everything you need to promote your company, but for a fraction of what ad agencies charge. Click around this site to get a feel of our Madison Ave style and call for a free consultation, presentation and estimate.

Hire a real advertising agency marketing manager.

All too often, a business owners have to work with a web designer on their site, a printer on their brochure and a sign company on their storefront. When this happens, everything looks different, and thats the opposite of brand identity. It's important to keep all of your advertising consistent looking so that you develop at-a-glance recognition. That's where we come in. 

Graphic Headquarters is headed up by a real advertising Creative Director, not a graphic designer, that brainstorms concepts for you and orchestrates the campaign. Kind of like a baseball manager with a team of all-star players that come to bat when needed. We've been hitting home runs with clients for years, so contact us today and have a winning ad agency team go to bat for your company.

Knowledge is key when comparing advertising agencies and marketing companies.

Do not shop by price. Today, anyone with computer can claim to be a graphic designer, but they are far from being an advertising creative director or marketing manager. A creative director researches and thinks along the line of concept and therefore brainstorms and presents ideas first, before creating layouts. Know the difference between creatives in the same industry before contracting a website or graphic design studio to represent your company. It's important, it's your business.

Choose two: Fast, Accurate or Inexpensive.

This saying was displayed in many advertising agencies.

- Choose fast and accurate and you'll run up the budget with overtime charges

- Choose accurate and inexpensive and the job will take too long to produce

- Choose fast and inexpensive and the content and quality will suffer


Some say that this "can't have it all" cliche is a reality and that clients need to abide by it. Graphic Headquarters is probably the only ad agency that provides all three. If you have a rush job, we just simply put everything aside and get on your job. If you own a business in South Florida, Orlando or Nassau/Suffolk Long Island, then this "job juggling" is just another reason for contracting Graphic Headquarters for your next website, TV commercial, or any other advertising piece.