These fine companies trusted us to write text, choose images and render layouts so they wouldn’t have to.

Clients never have worry about whether we will come up with a good idea or meet a deadline. You can trust us to write great headlines and text, choose the right images and design clean layouts for your company. Get websites, ads, vehicle graphics, brochures and more. By the way, we also designed many of these logos and wrote the tag lines.

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Desktop & Mobile Website Writing & Layout Design


We don't just design your website. We research your company, products/services and even your competitors. Then we present creative ideas, write all the text, choose images and present layouts. This gives you a great place to start making revisions.


Website SEO Keyword Writing & Design


We get your website listed on Google so that you can be found when potential clients look for your product or service. Set up an online meeting with us and we will show you exactly what needs to be done to your website and why.


Vinyl Graphic Vehicle Wraps Design, Printing & Installation

Too many car and truck wraps are too busy looking to the point that you don't know who they are or what they do. Get vehicle graphics wraps design and printing from Graphic Headquarters and get noticed in the few seconds that someone has to read it. 


Email & Print Ad Writing & Design


Whether it's an email ad design or print ad design, they both have a clever headline at the top and an interesting visual that draws the viewer in. We create some of the most intriguing email and print ads in the industry. 


Social Media Writing & Design


Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin are some of the top channels every company should be on. We write and design your company pages and ads to all the different spec sizes. We even get your name on Google maps which has become as important as SEO.


TV Commercial Writing & Production


Get a more professional looking TV Commercial than what the cable companies provide. It's a lot more affordable than you think and well worth it. We handle TV commercial production just like anything else that we create. We write the script, design the storyboard, revise it till you approve and then produce it.

Brochure, Catalog Writing, Design & Printing

Some still need a printed piece to leave behind after a meeting or send out to a customer. For these clients, we offer folded brochures, multi-page catalogs, presentation folders and sell sheets. 


Storefront Sign Design & Installation


All types of signs for your storefront. Lit channel letters and light boxes, framed metal and PVC signs, opaque and one way window graphics and much more. Each custom made and installed.

Trade Show Display Booth Design & Printing


Straight, curved or custom pop-up displays and retractable banner stands make you stand out. Especially when this trade show material is designed and printed by Graphic Headquarters.  


Product Packaging Design & Printing


This specialized area of advertising is crucial to the success of your product. Everyone knows that the packaging in some cases can cost more than the product. We'll keep your costs down and your packaging attractive.


Ad Agency Quality Content Creation & Design for Websites, SMM, Print & TV.

I can't do what you do. I don't have the expertise and experience to fill in for you at probably any capacity. And you can't do what I do. You didn't study conceptual advertising or work in many major NYC ad agencies on a slew of big accounts. So if you are a business owner, get serious about your how your company's website design, vehicle graphics wraps, printed brochures or anything else looks and says.

Hire Graphic Headquarters and save money and aggravation on websites and more. We produce everything needed to promote your company, but for a fraction of what ad agencies charge. Click around this site to get a feel of our Madison Ave style conceptual copywriting and design. We've been in business over 20 years because we are better, faster and cheaper. Call for a free consultation, presentation and estimate.

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We educate you 1st. Whether it's a website design, vinyl vehicle graphics wraps or what have you.

For a FREE online presentation and consultation, call us anytime and we will show you exactly how ad agency campaigns are started, revised and then finalized for production. This will include an evaluation of your existing advertising material. This is done in an online web meeting that allows you to view our computer screen. 


When clients work with us in an online web meeting, they are very impressed. They also enjoy making revisions and discussing text and images. Online web meetings are another reason why Graphic Headquarters is one of the top Internet, TV and Print advertising companies in South Florida, Orlando and Long Island.

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What makes us different? 

When it comes to accurately advertising your company, we practically read minds.

We are not graphic designers that expect text and images to come from our clients. Instead, we propose to our clients what they need. Graphic Headquarters brings these NYC Ad Agency quality services to your company for a fraction of what expensive ad agencies charge. We can do this because we are fast and accurate. Many have even called us mind readers.

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Hire a real advertising agency marketing manager.

All too often, a business owners have to work with a web designer on their site, a printer on their brochure and a sign company on their storefront. When this happens, everything looks different, and thats the opposite of brand identity. It's important to keep all of your advertising consistent looking so that you develop at-a-glance recognition. That's where we come in. 

Graphic Headquarters is headed up by a real advertising Creative Director, not a graphic designer, that brainstorms concepts for you and orchestrates the campaign. Kind of like a baseball manager with a team of all-star players that come to bat when needed. We've been hitting home runs with clients for years, so contact us today and have a winning ad agency team go to bat for your company.

Knowledge is key when comparing advertising agencies and marketing companies.

Do not shop by price. Today, anyone with computer can claim to be a graphic designer, but they are far from being an advertising creative director or marketing manager. A creative director researches and thinks along the line of concept and therefore brainstorms and presents ideas first, before creating layouts. Know the difference between creatives in the same industry before contracting a website or graphic design studio to represent your company. It's important, it's your business.

No rush charges.

Choose two: Fast, Accurate or Inexpensive.

This saying was displayed in many advertising agencies.

- Choose fast and accurate and you'll run up the budget with overtime charges

- Choose accurate and inexpensive and the job will take too long to produce

- Choose fast and inexpensive and the content and quality will suffer


Some say that this "can't have it all" cliche is a reality and that clients need to abide by it. Graphic Headquarters is probably the only ad agency that provides all three. If you have a rush job, we just simply put everything aside and get on your job. If you own a business in South Florida, Orlando or Nassau/Suffolk Long Island, then this "job juggling" is just another reason for contracting Graphic Headquarters for your next website, TV commercial, or any other advertising piece.